Everything You Should Know About Clear Aligners

Everything You Should Know About Clear Aligners

Posted by Dr. Bray on Sep 15 2021, 09:11 AM

Clear aligners are orthodontic appliances that align crooked teeth and improve your smile and appearance. They are in heavy demand in recent years as they serve as a more convenient alternative to traditional braces and are nearly invisible. 

There are several FDA-approved clear aligners available in the market such as Invisalign, Smart Moves, Clear Correct, and Inman Aligners. Read on to learn all about how they are made and how the treatment works.

How Are Clear Aligners Made?

The main goal of clear aligners is the same as with traditional braces - to address teeth alignment issues. The important difference between them is the approach taken in achieving the final result and the materials they are made of. 

Here’s how clear aligners are made:

  • Your dentist will take X-rays, impressions, or photographs of your teeth to better understand your alignment needs.
  • Once they have set a diagnosis and have a treatment plan in mind, the dentist will plan how each tooth will need to move to ensure perfect alignment at the end of the treatment. 
  • Your dentist will use specialized software to scan the teeth and design custom appliances. 
  • A series of plastic aligners are made based on the impressions and scans taken previously.

How Does Treatment With Clear Aligners Work?

Dentists recommend that you wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day for a set period to achieve the desired result. 

When the treatment plan begins, you are given an initial set of aligners. As the treatment progresses, these aligners are exchanged for new ones (typically, after a week or two). 

Over the next few months of treatment, your teeth will gradually move to their respective places until they reach the correct alignment.

What Comes After Aligners?

Once you complete the treatment with clear aligners, you are required to wear retainers. This is to ensure that the aligned teeth don’t return to their original positions. 

Typically, your dentist will advise you to wear retainers for about 20 hours a day for the next three to six months.

Clear aligners are the most popular alternative to braces among kids and adults in recent years as they can correct the structure of your teeth without compromising your smile. For more information about clear aligners, schedule a consultation with Bray Family Dental in Cottonwood Heights, Utah by calling (801) 943 9090, booking an appointment online, or visiting us at 7138 Highland Dr #219, Salt Lake City, UT 84121.

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