Is There Any Ideal Age to Get The Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Is There Any Ideal Age to Get The Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Posted by Dr. Bray on Nov 26 2021, 04:09 AM

Wisdom teeth are the part of our body that does not have any importance. It is a third molar that develops after five or six years of another set of teeth in the back. However, if it doesn’t grow at an appropriate time like your other sets of teeth, it can lead to a series of oral complications, including cysts, bacterial growth, and infection. 

Hence, you should extract the wisdom teeth when you have:

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

The most common issue people face with wisdom teeth is impaction. It is developed at the back of the jaw when the bone starts bending from the plain of the other teeth. It can lead to the growth of misaligned wisdom teeth. Hence, instead of growing straight from the crown, it gets tilted on the other set of teeth. In such cases, it is considered as an impacted tooth.

When this impacted tooth puts pressure on the neighboring tooth, you might feel a persistent and dull pain. It can become the breeding ground for bacteria and lead to infection. In these cases, the dentist recommends you extract your wisdom tooth to prevent further complications.

Moreover, the tooth extraction process also depends on multiple factors. Sometimes, the process is similar to that of extracting other sets of teeth. However, dentists have to partially remove it in some cases to prevent too much bone tissue from getting damaged.

Ideal Age for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can be extracted at any age if they are causing problems. However, the ideal age for removing wisdom teeth is 18 to 24 years. The root has been developed to two-thirds of its full size, i.e., age 18, depending on the patient.

On the other hand, age 24 is suggested as a cut-off point in which the roots of the wisdom teeth are entirely formed, thereby making the extraction process relatively complicated. After this age, the extraction needs more complex surgery with a slower recovery time and more risk of complications. However, you can still heal faster.  


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