What Is IV Dental Sedation?

What Is IV Dental Sedation?

Posted by Dr. Bray on Jan 18 2022, 10:27 AM

It is common for people to get nervous during their dental treatments or dental procedure. While under intravenous (or IV) sedation, you can go through dental procedures tension-free. Let us have a look at how IV sedation works.

Intravenous or IV Sedation in Dentistry

Sedation is used during complex procedures like root canals and simple procedures like dental cleanings. IV sedation can be administered to the patient orally, through the vein, or even directly to the muscles. This sedation would help the patient to relax during procedures. 

Here, the patient does not lose their consciousness (if the sedation is given mildly) and would be totally aware of what is happening around them. However, they will not experience pain or nervousness while in that sedated state.

How Is IV Sedation Given? 

IV sedation is administered under expert supervision. As per the initial check-up, the dentist or the anesthesiologist decides the amount of sedation that is to be used. The amount of sedation would be finalized by the type of procedure that is going to be performed. 

After deciding the appropriate treatment method, the sedation can be administered orally, or it can be given through an IV line, which is attached to the vein.  Since the sedation works very quickly, it will be constantly monitored by the anesthesiologist. If the patient’s oxygen level decreases, it can be provided through oxygen masks.

Benefits of Using IV Sedation

  • Like other sedations, IV sedation also allows the patient to stay calm and brings a relaxed mind.
  • Most people are phobic of dental treatments, and this fear could spread to visiting a clinic in general. So, the sedation would be a relief to the phobic patients.
  • Another benefit of IV sedation is that the patient may be able to respond to the dentist while unaware of some parts of the procedure. This includes vibrations of the drill.
  • If the sedation use is minimal, patients can breathe on their own.
  • Minimal urinary complications, nausea, vomiting, and malicious hyperthermia.

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