Worst Foods For Oral Health

Worst Foods For Oral Health

Posted by Bray Family Dental on Oct 13 2022, 06:00 AM

Apart from brushing and flossing daily, you must avoid certain foods to maintain good oral health. There are some foods that are more likely to cause dental problems, such as tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis. Listed below are the worst foods for oral health.

  • Candy

While candy might be your favorite guilty pleasure, it is also one of the worst foods for your oral health. This is because sugar feeds bad oral bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay and cavities. In addition, the stickiness of candy makes it easier to get stuck between teeth. This can then lead to the formation of plaque which can lead to gum disease. For this reason, it is best to limit the amount of candy consumed to keep your mouth healthier.

  • Acidic Foods

Soda, sports drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks can all wreak havoc on your teeth’s enamel because each contains high amounts of acid. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but acidic substances can weaken it over time. Once weakened, your enamel can become more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Limit or avoid acidic foods and drinks to protect your tooth enamel from damage.

  • Soda

Soft drinks are aggressive to your teeth and your whole body! They wear down tooth enamel, cause cavities, and lead to stains and discolorations. What’s more, the acid content in these beverages erodes tooth enamel over time and can irritate sensitive teeth. Avoid these types of drinks as much as possible. If you must drink soda, use a straw or swish your mouth with water after drinking it to protect your teeth from damage.

  • Fruit juices

The sugar content in fruit juices is concentrated, which can lead to cavities if consumed in excess. If you do drink juice, try to combine it with water to dilute the sugar content. Water will wash away sugars and acids left behind from the fruit without feeding bacteria in your mouth.

  • Sugary Foods

Even though it may be delicious, sugar is bad for your teeth. This is because it feeds oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also dissolves into acid in the mouth, which eats away at the enamel of teeth. If you want to eat it, have it with a meal instead of as a snack, as saliva production increases during meals and helps rinse the sugar off your teeth. Also, try to eat less of it and choose other kinds of sweet things to enjoy. Some healthier options for sweets include fruit, yogurt, or dark chocolate. Avoid eating candy, baked goods, soda, and fruit juices too often if you want to avoid cavities.

  • Starchy Foods

Pasta, potatoes, and bread are all examples of starchy foods that are high in starch and low in fiber. When starches are eaten, bacteria in the mouth ferment the carbohydrates into acids that attack the teeth. If your teeth are exposed to this acid frequently, you could experience tooth decay, cavities, and even gum disease as a result. Instead of eating white bread or pasta, choose whole-grain options instead. This will increase the fiber content and reduce the acidity of the food. You can also eat mashed potatoes with the skin on instead of opting for a baked potato meal. Just be sure you include more vegetables in your diet as well. A healthy diet encourages good oral health.

  • Sports Drinks

The acidity in sports drinks can erode the enamel on your teeth, making teeth more sensitive when you drink them. Drinking an acidic sports drink can even lead to tooth erosion and cavities over time. If you insist on drinking a sports drink, try to rinse your mouth out with water after drinking it or swish it around to help neutralize the acid in your mouth. Try to avoid sipping on the sports drink throughout the day and instead opt to drink it during your workout. That way, you can wash the sports drink out of your mouth afterward.

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