General Dentistry


Having your teeth cleaned professionally every 6 months can greatly increase your oral health and reduce visits to the dentist by detecting dental problems early on. This preventative measure also increases your overall health. A recent study linked regularly having your teeth professionally scaled to lowering your risk for a heart attack and stroke.


Tooth-colored composite resin is used for all of our fillings. Decay is removed from the tooth and replaced by a composite resin that blends naturally into your existing tooth.


Sometimes decay can compromise the structural integrity of your tooth requiring the need for a crown. Crowns are custom made to fit over your tooth to restore its shape and stability. Can be made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.


Bridges are used to fill in missing teeth. Just as the name implies, a porcelain shaped tooth is attached to two crowns, one on each side, which then "bridges" the gap. This makes it appear as if your tooth is no longer missing. Bridges can be made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.

Root Canals

Root canals are needed when the small nerve in your tooth has either died or been compromised by decay and or infection. Despite many people’s fear of root canals, they are actually quite painless. After numbing, small, delicate files are used to remove the tooth’s nerve. The tooth’s canals are then cleaned and sealed off using "gutta percha," a natural, safe form of rubber. A crown is typically required after having a root canal.


An implant is the most effective way to replace a missing tooth. A post is securely placed where the missing tooth was, and a custom-made porcelain implant crown is then placed over the post. Implants function just like a normal tooth; they are safe, durable and look extremely natural.

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Bray is well trained and adept at removing wisdom teeth and other teeth if the need arises. Dr. Bray recommends taking a Corticosteroid, which reduces pain and all but eliminates the "chipmunk cheek" swelling that is so commonly associated with having your wisdom teeth removed.

Night Guards for Grinding

If you grind your teeth, having a proper fitting night guard is crucial. Dr. Bray custom makes night guards from a mold taken of your teeth. The night guard is made out of a hard plastic material on the outside with a soft plastic material inside. This construction ensures a proper and comfortable fit. If worn nightly or when grinding most often occurs, night guards protect your teeth from the extensive damage often caused by grinding.


Dr. Bray is a general dentist who has been straightening misaligned teeth for more than 25 years. Teeth can be straightened using orthodontics (braces). Minor teeth straightening can be achieved without braces by using Invisalign-type custom made trays.

IV Sedation

We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and have a positive dental experience. This is why we offer IV sedation for children and adults. An independent dental anesthesiologist, whose sole job is to safely administer the IV sedation and provide continual monitoring while dental work is being done, administers all in-office sedation.


There is no better way to achieve a natural, perfect looking smile than through the use of veneers. Veneers are thin custom shaped and shaded pieces of porcelain that are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth. Veneers are used to correct or camouflage discoloration, damage or misalignment.

Sleep Apnea

Is snoring disturbing you and your household? It may indicate a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Your Salt Lake City dentist, Dr. Tyler Bray, has a simple, effective solution: the custom-made snore guard. Get the healthful rest you need.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We know that everyone has different goals when it comes to how they improve their smiles. Whether you want to make small alterations or serious transformations, which is why we offer Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Snore Guard

Let us discuss your snore guard options and how this simple, yet innovative, therapy can help you get the restful sleep you deserve. 

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