Family Dentistry in Salt Lake City UT

Family Dentistry in Salt Lake City UT

Family Dentistry involves providing dental care for an entire family comprising of all the generations. A family dentist helps both adults and children with their dental requirements. They maintain a record of the entire family's dental care history. Based on these records, immediate care can be provided in case of dental emergencies. Family dentistry is a one-stop solution as an entire family can visit the same dentist, saving time and results in more personalized care.

What are services provided in Family Dentistry?

  • Regular cleaning and examination once in six months are vital for patients of all ages because they help detect dental issues such as tooth decay and gingivitis before becoming more severe. These early diagnoses will help prevent future problems and also ensure the proper development of children's teeth.
  • Tooth decay which is very common in children, can be treated with fluoride treatments and dental sealants. It helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Family dentists specialize in identifying and filling cavities before it is too late. They cure patients of all ages suffering from tooth decay by extending timely treatment.
  • In case of advanced treatments such as dental implants, Invisalign, etc., the family dentist can provide referrals to an orthodontist specialist. 
  • They also help treat gum diseases and offer services such as periodontal maintenance and scaling.  

What are the merits of having a family dentist?

  1. The dental needs of children can vary from those of adults. Older children and adults need more regular examination and cleaning of their teeth. This helps in identifying the problems early before they turn serious. A family dentist can help in managing the requirements of the entire family.
  2. The family can receive preventative oral health care. Ideally, oral problems should be identified early to prevent major problems which could lead to tooth loss. Family dentists offer comprehensive care and early detection of the problem areas in your mouth. For example, teeth cleaning once in six months can help remove the plaque and tartar that contribute to decay and gum diseases.
  3. The family dentist helps restore a lost or damaged tooth. They will assess your mouth structure, gum health, and other teeth conditions and provide a customized plan for tooth replacements. Bridges, dentures, and dental implants are a few alternatives that your family dentist can suggest for your teeth restorations. 
  4. A family dentist may educate you on how to improve your oral hygiene. Serious dental problems can be avoided by learning to brush and floss properly.
  5. Gum disease is a regular problem that occurs in children. During your regular visits to the family dentist, the gums can be checked for signs of gums diseases such as redness, bleeding, and pockets that trap bacteria. Cleaning procedures and medications can help reverse these conditions.
  6. Since the family dentist provides all-around care, they also offer services to correct your smile's imperfections. The adults in the family may be benefitted from teeth whitening procedures, dental bonding, or veneers that can cover up the imperfections.  

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