Root Canal Treatment in Salt Lake City UT

Root Canal Treatment in Salt Lake City UT

Root Canal is a regular procedure that helps to repair and saves a tooth that has been badly decayed or infected. The inside of the teeth has a pulp chamber composed of blood vessels and connective tissues. A tooth's pulp could become infected or inflamed due to decay, and therefore it becomes necessary to remove the infection to prevent tooth loss and other serious ailments. The process to remove the infection is known as root canal therapy. It is a safe and effective method to retain the appearance of your smile.

Why is the tooth pulp need to be removed?

When a tooth's nerve tissue or the pulp becomes infected, the bacteria starts accumulating in the pulp chamber. The bacteria begin to multiply and cause an infection or abscessed tooth. An abscess happens when the infection starts spreading to the roots of the tooth. An infection in the root canal of a tooth could also be caused due to swelling of the gums, and this swelling can spread to the other areas of the face. There could be bone loss around the tooth's root.

What are the indications that a Root Canal Treatment is needed?

  • The tooth develops a sensitivity to hold or cold foods.
  • If you experience pain while chewing and biting foods.
  • When the gums start having pimples and are swollen or painful.
  • There are deep decay and darkening of the gums.
  • The teeth are chipped or develop cracks.

What is the process of Root Canals?

As an initial step, an x-ray will be taken by the dentist to see the root canals' shape and determine if there is an infection in the surrounding bones. Local anesthesia is used to numb the affected area of the tooth. The dentist will place a layer of rubber sheet around the tooth to keep it dry from the saliva. The next step is to drill access into the tooth. The pulp, bacteria, and decayed nerve tissues are removed from the affected tooth. The area is scraped and scrubbed to remove the infected pulp. Once the tooth is efficiently cleaned, it is sealed with a medicated material.

The teeth and gums are allowed to heal for a few days. The next appointment involves the further restoration of the tooth. A tooth that needs a root canal or has a large filling needs to be covered with a crown. Crowns protect and prevent the tooth from breaking and restore it to full function.

How painful is the Root Canal Procedure?

The procedure carried out by a trained dental surgeon is relatively painless as it is performed under local anesthesia. The pain is caused by the infection rather than the treatment, which actually helps reduce the pain. After the treatment, some tenderness in the affected area is normal. The dentist will advise antibiotics and painkillers to prevent further infection.

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